Jumat, 24 Juni 2016

Lady Coco || Premium Selected Fashion Wear for Woman

Hi, we're glad to announce that our store is now open! 

* What do we sell?

  We provide imported Woman's Clothing with premium quality. All items on 
  our store are directly imported and hand-picked by owner. We do pay the
  attention about the whole process, from select the items to the packing 
  process. So don't you worry, what you get is what you see!

* How to ask further for details or make an order?
   You can add our Line ID : ladycocoid or you can email us        
   at ladycocoid@gmail.com (respond only on working hour). Our admin will 
   assist you.

* How about the shipment?
   We ship the item via TIKI (tiki-online.com) with REG (Reguler service), but
   you can request for ONS (Overnight service) if you want to. All items will be 
   shipped max 1x24 hours after payment. We'll send you the shipment slip.

Do follow our Instagram to get any updates from us!

Nat <3

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